Our Story

So you're wondering how Nauti Lass Crew came about? Well, let me tell you the story of the first day the idea came to me and where it's going...

One day I was tootling around on a boat, yes, tootling, and thinking about a conversation that I had just had with my deckhand on the dock. She commented on how we were the only "all girl crew" working in the harbor, in fact, everyone running that particular boat at the time were all female and we teased about how much "cooler" that made our operation.

Over the years, I have called all of the girls working on the boats the "Nauti Lass Crew". I decided to make our own special badge for the women I was working with and had worked with in the past. I was going to make us all jackets and we were going to be like the "Pink Ladies" on the water... and that's when the wheels started turning. At first, I just thought it would be fun to have our own "crew", but then it hit me, there are not a lot of women's lines of clothing that are related to the water... most are geared towards men/boys and us girls just had to "fit in" to their stuff, so I decided that I wanted to create our own line that was for the women on the water. I had all of these ideas in my head, but didn't really know where to start, so I called up a friend to help me bounce ideas and wrangle them all in. I wanted something that was professional and classy with a little feminine flare, I made about a million different styles and variations until we finally got to the blue and pink badge with pink lettering over anchors. 

Our goal (and here’s my favorite part!) is not only to sell apparel supporting us ladies on the water, but to take it a step further and actually help support getting more women on the water. A portion of our profits will go towards scholarship type programs to financially assist with maritime academies and/or maritime courses (there are several different types - entry level or qualification enhancement). What we would love to create/build is a support forum for women getting into the industry. I think with TV shows like Below Deck (yes, yes, guilty pleasure), there is certainly a budding interest for more women to get into this field and we would love to help them get there! 

This is all NEW and I appreciate everyone that has been supportive and enthusiastic about this crazy idea. There are so many ways to get into the industry, but maybe there just isn't enough promotion... I am hoping Nauti Lass Crew helps get more of us out on the water.

It's going to be a wild ride, but smooth seas never made skilled sailors. 


Where did our name come from?: a boat named Nautilus that I affectionately called the Nauti Lass
Nauti - short for Nautical 
Lass - a Scottish term for a young woman